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Women in Computing

Angadi Institute of Technology & Management – AITM ACM Belagavi Chapter in Association with AITM Women’s Cell, organized a thought-provoking Panel Discussion on the theme “Women in Computing” on the occasion of International Women’s Day, held on 11th March 2024.
The event aimed to celebrate the achievements of women in the field of computing while addressing the challenges and opportunities they encounter in their professional journey.
Distinguished panelists for the discussion included: Mrs. Uma Bondada, VP Engineering & Co-Founder, Vayavya Labs, Hiranmayi Upadhyaya, Visualization Specialist at Brillio and Dr. Veena Desai, Renowned Professor at AITM with Ms. Rashmi K Y, Joint Secretary, Belagavi ACM Chapter as the Moderator for the event.
The panelists brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the discussion, offering valuable insights into the role of women in shaping the computing industry.
Key topics discussed during the panel included:
Challenges faced by women pursuing careers in computing.
Strategies for fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.
The importance of mentorship and support networks for women in computing.
Opportunities for women to excel and lead in various domains within the field.
The panel discussion was followed by an engaging Q&A session where attendees had the opportunity to interact with the panelists and delve deeper into the topics discussed.
Mrs. Uma Bondada shared her insights, stating, “Platforms like this provide a platform for dialogue and reflection on the progress made and the work still to be done in achieving gender equality in the tech industry. It’s heartening to witness the enthusiasm and passion among the participants.”
Dr. Veena Desai, expressing her thoughts on the event, remarked, “It’s inspiring to see such dynamic discussions taking place, highlighting the contributions of women in computing. Events like these play a crucial role in empowering and encouraging the next generation of female technologists.”
Hiranmayi Upadhyaya added, “As women continue to break barriers and make strides in computing, it’s essential to foster an environment of support and collaboration. Events like these serve as catalysts for positive change and inspire women to pursue their ambitions fearlessly.”
Our Sincere thanks to our Management, Director of Suresh Angadi Education Foundation Dr. Spoorti Patil, Administrator of SAEF, Shri Raju Joshi and Principal & Director, AITM, Dr. Anand Deshpande for their kind support and encouragement in conducting the event.


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