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We at Angadi Institute of Technology and Management are starting the “INCUBATION CENTRE” to spread awareness, cultivate and harness the innovative and entrepreneurial minds. Making the college as a nest to host the platform to encourage, highlight and support the importance of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship for students, research scholars and alumni. The centre is open for anybody who wants start a journey to innovate and to become an entrepreneur. In India, there is an incremental proportion in people getting more leaned on self employment, that is being their own boss. There is an exponential growth in venture capital, startup clubs and initiative, angel investors due to the direct incremental in the startups. The startups are usually and majorly born in an incubation centre. The incubator takes care of the startup like a new born baby, providing all the support until the incubatee is ready to roll out in the real market independently. The incubator molds and shapes the incubatee and his ideas to make him ready for the real world.


  1. To spread awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. To encourage Entrepreneurship and innovation and incubation of ideas.
  3. To promote updated and revolutionary knowledge, technology and innovation based startups.
  4. To bridge and build a vibrant start up environment with all the possible stakeholders.
  5. To provide efficient and effective value added services and supports (legal, IPR and others).
  6. To provide infrastructural support such as workspace, internet etc.
  7. To cater projects that solve problems and find solution from the local needs (district and state) to global.


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