Angadi Institute of Technology & Management

  • Diploma College Code : 574
  • Engineering College Code : E185
  • M.Tech PG CET Code : T935
  • MBA PG CET Code : B118


Life and education have always remained together. The purpose of education is to make life more and more happy. When life becomes dynamic, education has to become dynamic to serve the purpose. Any Environmental change might be geographical political, historical, religious, and it change both life and education. As physical education has remained the part of education, it has also changed according to the need of life. Most primary Physical Education was to hunt, to chase, to throw, run as man was used to chase animals in his primitive life, Now those activities have taken a form of athletics as running, jumping, throwing etc.

Mr.Vishant P. Dhamone
Physical Education and Sports Director


1) Football
2) Volleyball
3) Throwball
4) Cricket
5) Kho-Kho
6) Kabaddi
8) Athletics


1) Table- Tennis
2) Chess
3) Carrom

All India Inter University Taekanodo Championship 2017-18

VTU Taekanodo team participating in All India Inter University Taekanodo Championship 2017-18at Gurunanak Dev University,Amritsar, Panjab from 16th to 18th Feb, 2018. Mr. Vishant Damone , Physical Director, Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belagavi is selected as Coach and Manager for the said event. Coaching camp for the Taekanodo team is organized at AITM, Belagavi from 9th to 12th Feb,2018.

3rd Place in VTU Single Zone Wrestling

Mr. Pankaj Buddannavar 5th Sem Mech Engg, 3rd Place for VTU Single Zone Wrestling Computation in 65 weight category, org by VDRIT, Haliyal from 20th and 21st Oct 2016.

3rd Place in 1500 Mtrs Running Event in 19th VTU Inter Collegiate Athletic Meet 2016-17

Mr. Sachin Kedari 5th Sem Civil Engg, 3rd Place in 1500 Mtrs Running Event for 19th VTU Inter Collegiate Athletic Meet 2016-17, Org by Dr.T.Thimmahaya Institute of Technology,KGF,Kolar from 15th to 18th Nov 2016.

Runner Up in V.T.U. Belagavi Zone Inter Collegiate Kabaddi (Men) Touranament 2016-17

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