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Placement & Training Activities

Sports Club

Mr. Vishant P. Dhamone
Physical Education and Sports Director

Life and education have always remained together. The purpose of education is to make life happier. When life becomes dynamic, education has to become dynamic to serve the purpose. Any Environmental change might be geographical, political, historical, religious and it changes both life and education. As physical education has remained the part of education, it has also changed according to the need of life. Most primary Physical Education was to hunt, to chase, to throw, run as man was used to chase animals in his primitive life. Now those activities have taken a form of athletics as running, jumping, throwing etc. As it is said that a sound mind lies in a sound body, we want all our college students to be good at both studies and sports.

Outdoor Events

1. Football

2. Volleyball

3. Throwball

4. Cricket

5. Kho-Kho

6. Kabaddi

7. Athletics

Indoor Events

1. Table Tennis

2. Chess

3. Carrom

Sports Events

AITM Volley Ball team participated in the VTU Belagavi Zone Inter Collegiate Volley Ball tournament 2021 -2022, organized by GIT, Belagavi held on 29th & 30th November 2021.

AITM Cricket team participated in the VTU Belagavi Zone Inter Collegiate Cricket tournament 2021-22 organized by GIT, Belagavi held from 04th to 05th June 2022 and our team reached semifinal in this tournament.

AITM Girl’s Throw Ball team participated in the VTU Belagavi Zone Inter Collegiate Throw Ball tournament 2021 -22 organized by SGBIT, Belagavi held from 06th & 07th June 2022.

AITM Sports department  conducted Annual Sports Meet 2022 with inter departmental events like Cricket, Volley ball, Football, Throw ball, Kabaddi, Tug of war, Table tennis, Chess etc.

AITM organized VTU Belagavi Division Inter Collegiate Kabaddi Men Tournament for the year 2022-23 on 4th & 5th November 2022. Total 18 team participated this tournament.

AITM Foot Ball team participated in the VTU Belagavi Zone Inter Collegiate Foot Ball tournament 2022-23 and won the Third Place, organized by Maratha Mandal Engineering College, Belagavi held on 6th & 7th December 2022.

Mr. Bharathkumar Noolvi, 3rd Semester, CSE, AITM Participated in the 1st International Open Karate Championship 2023 at Hubli and won the 1st Place in Katas and 2nd Place in Kumite (Fighting) in below 55kg weight category, organized by Extreme Sports Academy, Hubli.

AITM Inter Department Foot Ball Tournament 2022

Introduction about Sports events to First Year students 2022-23


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