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Welcome to the Basic Science Department

At Angadi Institute of Technology and Management-AITM, we understand the importance of a strong foundation in the basic sciences for every aspiring engineer. The Basic Science Department serves as the cornerstone of our academic programs, laying the groundwork for students to excel in their chosen engineering disciplines. About Us: The Basic Science Department is committed to fostering a deep understanding of fundamental scientific principles. Our dedicated faculty members are experts in their respective fields, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle complex engineering challenges. With a focus on subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc., we aim to instill a passion for scientific inquiry and analytical thinking.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Kiran Potadar
HOD & Professor
Dr. Vijay K Kulkarni
HOD & Professor
Dr. Vinayak Adimule
HOD & Professor
Prof. Sadanand Dodamani
Associate Professor
Mrs. Anuradha H
Assistant Professor
Mr. Shridhar Dharmatti
Assistant Professor
Mr. Ashpak Pathan
Assistant Professor
Mr. Sangamesh I. S
Assistant Professor
Mr. N C Sabarad
Assistant Professor
Prof. Manjushree. H
Assistant Professor
Prof.Sneha S.Murari
Assistant Professor
Miss. Akshata Jirali
Assistant Professor


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