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Placement & Training Activities

Project Proposals (Batch-1)

List of Project Proposals submitted to KITS :

Sl. No Project Title
1. Automatic waste segregation technology
2. UAV System for detecting multiclass plant diseases using ML algorithm.
3. Unified Re-Vendo-matic
4. Design and development of Multi-mode Solar Dryer for food storage
5. Road damage assessment and mitigation
6. Self-Automated Drone For patrolling
7. Automated Cashew Sorting Machine
8. Programmable automated capsule sorting machine
9. Wireless Remote Health Monitoring and Alerting system
10. Design and fabrication of box type solar cooker using sensible heat as storage medium.
11. Step Solar Still: Design Modification In Solar Still And Incorporation Of Phase Changing Material To Increase The Efficiency Of Solar Still
12. Fabrication of Magnetic Levitating Frictionless Windmill.
13. Improved And Economical Solar Powered Agricultural Seeds Storage System For Germination.
14. Design and Fabrication of Improvised Parabolic Trough with dual operating receiver for Hot Water and food cooking
15. Design and development of Hybrid Indirect Solar Dryer for Agri-Food products based on IoT


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