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Robotics Lab - Igniting Innovation

AITM’s state-of-the-art Robotics Lab, where creativity meets technology and innovation takes center stage. Our Robotics Lab is a dynamic space designed to inspire and cultivate the next generation of roboticists, engineers, and innovators. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a collaborative environment, this facility serves as a hub for hands-on learning, research, and development.

The lab features collaborative workspaces that encourage teamwork and knowledge exchange. Students can brainstorm, design, and troubleshoot together, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Our Robotics Lab provides a fertile ground for research and development. Faculty and students alike can engage in cutting-edge research projects, contributing to the advancement of robotics technology and its applications.

Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity - Fortifying Digital Frontiers

The Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity is a cutting-edge facility committed to advancing knowledge, skills, and research in the realm of cybersecurity. In an era where digital threats are ever-evolving, our center stands as a beacon of excellence, preparing the next generation of cybersecurity experts to navigate and safeguard our interconnected world.

The center emphasizes secure coding practices, helping students understand and implement security measures within software development. Learn how to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in applications, contributing to the creation of robust and secure software. Engage in groundbreaking research initiatives aimed at addressing emerging cybersecurity challenges. Our faculty and students actively contribute to the development of innovative solutions, fostering an environment where research translates into real-world impact.

Cloud and Big Data Lab - Transforming Data into Insights

Our cutting-edge Cloud and Big Data Lab is a dynamic space where students harness the power of cloud computing and big data technologies to solve complex problems and extract meaningful insights. In an era where data is important, our lab stands as a catalyst for innovation, providing students with the tools and knowledge to navigate the vast landscapes of cloud computing and big data analytics.

Our lab actively collaborates with industry partners to offer students insights into real-world challenges and opportunities. Guest lectures, workshops, and collaborative projects with professionals in the field ensure that students are well-prepared for the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing and big data.

Center of Excellence for IoT - Connecting the Future

AITM’s Center of Excellence for IoT, a pioneering facility dedicated to exploring the vast potential of the Internet of Things. In an era where connectivity and smart technologies are transforming industries, our center serves as a hub for innovation, education, and research in the realm of IoT. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software tools for IoT prototyping. Students have access to various devices allowing them to bring their IoT ideas to life.

Our Center of Excellence encourages interdisciplinary collaboration by providing a platform for students from various disciplines—engineering, computer science, business, and more—to work together on IoT projects. This collaborative approach mirrors the multifaceted nature of real-world IoT solutions.

Tequed Labs Facility - Pioneering Technology Excellence

Our Tequed Labs Facility is an innovation hub at the forefront of technology, in partnership with Tequed Labs Private Limited. This collaborative space is designed to inspire students, foster creativity, and propel them into the cutting-edge realms of emerging technologies. TEQUED LABS have chosen AITM campus as the center of excellence in Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Robotics.

The Lab facility helps the ambitious students in all the Engineering Domains. The departments such as Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics departments can harness the advantage of the Lab by utilizing Arduino, Raspberry, Solar and other equipment’s. Whereas, Mechanical engineering and Civil engineering departments can utilize the 3d printer, robotic kits and other equipment’s.

Environmental Lab - Nurturing Sustainability and Scientific Exploration

AITM’s Environmental Lab is a dedicated space where curiosity meets responsibility, and students engage in hands-on exploration of our planet’s ecosystems. Committed to fostering a deeper understanding of environmental science, sustainability, and conservation, our lab serves as a beacon for those passionate about making a positive impact on our world. Our lab isn’t just a space for study, it’s a living example of sustainable practices. The Environmental Lab demonstrates the importance of incorporating eco-friendly solutions into daily practices.

Embark on research projects that address pressing environmental challenges. Our faculty and students collaborate on interdisciplinary projects, contributing to the development of innovative solutions for a more sustainable and resilient future. The lab offers specialized environmental education programs, providing students with a holistic understanding of environmental issues, policies, and solutions. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to become stewards of the environment.


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