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Placement & Training Activities

Internship Committee


  • As per affiliate university (VTU) guidelines, to provide an opportunity for students to discover, learn about, and familiarize themselves with the industry of their discipline, and with organizations within the industry.
  • Encourage students to enhance and/or expand their knowledge of a particular area(s).
  • Help the Students to get placed in industry and assessed for academic credit.


  • Industry expose
  • Guide the students to work on projects assigned in an internship.
  • Encourage the students for the placement.

Associated Activities:

  • The Cell may conduct formal meetings twice or thrice with faculty coordinators.
  • The Cell also is expected to organize interactive sessions and informal meetings with students to make them understand the importance of an internship.
  • Due to the lack of software industries in the local area, the cell takes an initiative to conduct an in-house internship program with industry experts on recent technologies.


  • The Internship coordinator, in consultation with the Chairman of the Committee, shall prepare a provisional agenda for the meeting.
  • It shall be circulated to all Members of the Committee two days before the meeting.
  • Departmental internship coordinator should verify the internship providing the company with respect to legal affiliation and on what technology they are working.
  • If a company is legal and has good feedback, then provide a permission letter from the college to work as an intern.
  • Collect the certificate from students once they complete the internship. And also get the employer’s feedback on the performance of the students.
  • Maintain records of the committee in a separate file with supporting documents (notices/minutes of meeting/Certificates).

Committee Members:

SI. No Name Role
1. Dr. Anand Deshpande Chairperson
2. Ms. Chandrika Kale Member Secretary
3. Mr. Vishalkirthi S. Patil Member
4. Mr. Ashok K. Hipparagi Member
5. Mr. Kiran Itagi Member
6. Mr. Gururaj Kulkarni Member
7. Mr. Rajendra Ghivari Member
8. Mr. Rajashekar Angadi Member


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