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Placement & Training Activities

Consultancy Cell


Identify the needs and problems of the community and to provide quality service for technical problems to the society in general and Engineering fraternity in particular.


  • To conduct the site visits for preliminary investigation of site conditions.
  • To collect the material samples for the test.
  • Conduction of various tests to check their important properties to arrive at quality of materials.
  • To prepare the material test report.
  • Third party Inspection of the work.


  • The Consultancy Cell may conduct formal meetings once in a semester with members of other department.
  • The Consultancy Cell is expected that each department should involve in providing consultancy services in the form of Third Part Inspection and Material Tests for Government and Private sectors.

Associated Activities:

  • The consultancy cell has to visit the site and discuss with Clint (private and Government sector) in the initial stage of the project.
  • During construction stage also visit may be done.
  • Third Party Inspection should be done to check the quality of work and report should be made.

Constitution of Consultancy Cell:

SI. No Name Role
1. Dr. Anand Deshpande Chairperson
2. Mr. Gopal V Surapalli Member Secretary
3. Mr. Mehaboobali Hanchinal Member
4. Mr. Rajendra Ghivari Member
5. Mr. Kantesh D C Member
6. Mr. Rajshekhar Angadi Member


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