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Students of AITM Embark on Transformative AICTE Activity Visit to Gokul Dham Chikale
In a bid to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical insights, students from the Department of Civil Engineering at Angadi Institute of Technology and Management-AITM, Belagavi recently undertook a field visit to Gokul Dham Chikale.
Organized as part of the AICTE activity, the visit aimed to expose students to the challenges faced by communities living without essential amenities such as electricity and cooking gas.
Gokul Dham Chikale is home to a community that epitomizes the concept of “simple living, high thinking.” The students, accompanied by faculty members of AITM, were able to witness firsthand the resilience and resourcefulness of the qualified individuals residing in this unique setting.
Notably, the visit was not limited to civil engineering students alone, mechanical and robotics students also participated in the expedition.
The visit provided an invaluable opportunity for civil engineering students to observe and appreciate low-cost construction techniques employed by the residents. The use of mud blocks showcased sustainable and cost-effective building practices, aligning with the ethos of environmentally conscious engineering.
During the visit, students were privileged to receive guidance from the residents on how to lead a fulfilling life with limited resources.
This AICTE activity visit serves as a testament to AITM’s commitment to providing holistic education that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries. The university believes that such experiences are integral to shaping well-rounded and socially conscious engineers who are equipped to make a positive impact in the real world.


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