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The Department of Civil Engineering at Angadi Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) organized an enlightening technical talk on “Geopolymers – Industrial By-Product Based Eco-Friendly Low Carbon Footprint Binders as Alternatives to Portland Cements and Petroleum-Based Organic Resins” on 23rd March 2024. The event featured Dr. N. P. Rajmane, Founder and Former Head of the Center for Advanced Concrete Research at SRM University and the Advanced Materials Lab in Chennai, as the distinguished speaker.
The session aimed to shed light on the significance of geopolymers as environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional binders. Dr. Rajmane’s expertise in the field provided valuable insights into the utilization of industrial by-products for sustainable construction practices, reducing carbon footprints, and enhancing the durability of concrete structures.
The event witnessed active participation from students and staff members of AITM’s Civil Department, as well as attendees from institutions including KLE MSS College, SGBIT, Jain College of Engineering, and Jain College of Research. This collaborative effort facilitated knowledge exchange and fostered a deeper understanding of innovative materials and techniques in the realm of civil engineering.
The Technical Talk on Geopolymers served as a platform for learning, networking, and promoting sustainable practices within the civil engineering community. AITM extends its gratitude to Dr. N. P. Rajmane for sharing his expertise and inspiring the audience towards eco-conscious solutions in construction.


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