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Session on Resume Writing

Expert Session on Resume Writing Empowers Final Year Engineering Students.
In a bid to prepare its final year engineering students for a successful transition into the professional world, Angadi Institute of Technology and Management-AITM, Belagavi hosted a highly informative and interactive session on Resume Writing.
The event, held on 27.09.2023, brought together Prof. Vishalkirthi Patil, Placement Officer, AITM and aspiring engineers to equip them with the essential skills required to craft a compelling resume that stands out in today’s competitive job market.
Prof. Vishalkirthi highlighted the significance of a well-crafted resume as the gateway to coveted engineering positions and stressed that a strong resume is not just a document but a reflection of an individual’s skills, accomplishments, and potential.
Sir emphasized the importance of tailoring resumes to specific job descriptions, showcasing relevant skills, and presenting accomplishments effectively. Sir encouraged students to identify their unique strengths and experiences, which can make them standout candidates. Practical tips on formatting, structuring, and organizing resume content were also shared to ensure clarity and readability.
The session was highly interactive, with students actively participating in discussions and asking questions. The event was coordinated by Mr. Omkar Patil, DIA, Ktech and Prof. Manjushree, Department co-ordinators.


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