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Robo Yatra Seminar on Robotics

Robo Yatra Seminar on Robotics
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering , Angadi Institute of Technology and Management -AITM , Belagavi association AITM Skill Lab has organized “Robo Yatra-seminar on Robotics” by Holoworld on 5th January 2023. The key speakers for the session were Mr. Thotreingam Kasar, Chief Research Officer, Mr. Prashanth PS, Vice President, and Mr. Deepak. The topics covered are – Introduction to Robotics, Demo of Flagship product “HOLOSUIT”, BYOR demo, Humanoid Experience, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality experience.
The HODs, Faculty, and Students from ECE, CSE, and AI&DS departments took part in this session.


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