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Road safety awareness campaign

Session on “Road safety awareness campaign” was organized for the First year students of AITM by National Service Scheme (NSS), AITM in association with Bharat Motor Driving School, Belagavi to promote safe driving practices and raising awareness about responsible behavior on the road.
The information regarding the road safety was given by the resource person Mr. AjayKumar Kadli, CEO, BMDS, Belagavi. With road accidents and fatalities on the rise, promoting road safety awareness has become a critical endeavor in today’s society. Recognizing the need to instill responsible road behavior among students, AITM organized a compelling “Road Safety Awareness Campaign.”
The campaign, aimed to sensitize participants about the importance of road safety, equip them with practical knowledge, and inspire a collective commitment to creating safer roads for everyone.
The event was coordinated by Dr. Kiran Potadar, NSS Program Officer, Prof. Ashpak Pathan, Prof. Sangamesh I. Shivamoggimath, Prof. Veerupaksha Patil and Mr. N C Sabarad.


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