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International Pi Day

Angadi Institute of Technology & Management (AITM) Celebrates International Pi Day
The Department of Mathematics at Angadi Institute of Technology & Management (AITM) celebrated “International Pi Day” with great fervor on 14th March 2024. The event brought together students, faculty, and staff to commemorate the significance of the Mathematical constant π (pi).
Dr. Kiran Potadar, Head of the Department of Mathematics, elucidated the objective of the program, shedding light on the history, significance, and diverse applications of Pi in various fields. Pi, famously known as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, holds a central place in mathematics and its applications extend across numerous scientific disciplines.
Prof. Sneha M and Prof. N. C Sabarad, Professors at AITM, provided a brief introduction to the significance of Pi, emphasizing its universal relevance and fundamental role in mathematical concepts and calculations.
The event was hosted by Prof. Ashpak Pathan, and coordinated by Prof. Sangamesh Shivamoggimath and Prof. Akshata Jirali, who ensured a seamless and engaging program for all attendees.
Students of AITM actively participated in the celebration, demonstrating their enthusiasm for mathematics and its intriguing concepts. The presence of heads of various departments and staff members underscored the collective spirit of intellectual curiosity and academic engagement within the institution.
The celebration of International Pi Day at AITM reaffirmed the institution’s commitment to promoting mathematical literacy and nurturing a culture of academic excellence and intellectual exploration.


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