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Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Technology, AITM Hosts Insightful Talk by Mr. Shripad Joshi
Angadi Institute of Technology and Management – AITM recently organized a thought-provoking session on “Entrepreneur Opportunity in Technology,” led by esteemed entrepreneur Mr. Shripad Joshi from Belagavi. The event, held on March 19, 2024, was tailored for first-year students of AITM, aiming to inspire and educate budding entrepreneurs about the dynamic landscape of technology-driven ventures.
Mr. Shripad Joshi shared valuable insights during the session, focusing on several key aspects essential for entrepreneurial success in the technology sector. He emphasized the importance of identifying profitable startup ideas and urged students to delve into growing categories within the industry.
Networking with fellow entrepreneurs was highlighted as a vital strategy for fostering growth and collaboration.
The talk also delved into the significance of research in patent applications to protect intellectual property, encouraging students to explore innovative solutions and strive for continuous improvement.
One of the highlights of the session was the discussion on securing small business grants and loans, shedding light on the avenues available for financial support.
The session concluded with a vibrant brainstorming session, encouraging students to unleash their creativity and explore novel entrepreneurial ideas. Overall, the event catalyzed igniting an entrepreneurial spirit among the students, equipping them with practical knowledge and inspiration to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.


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