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Insight into Steel Manufacturing & Innovative Construction Techniques

Students of Civil Engineering Gain Insight into Steel Manufacturing and Innovative Construction Techniques
Students from the Department of Civil Engineering at Angadi Institute of Technology and Management-AITM, Belagavi recently embarked on a field trip to Vinayak Ispat, a prominent steel manufacturing company. The visit provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate process involved in the production of Vikram TMT steel bars, from raw material acquisition to the final product.
Headed by Mr. Dinesh Desai, Project Head at Vinayak Ispat, the students were given a detailed walkthrough of the manufacturing facilities. Mr. Desai shared valuable insights into the technology and methodologies employed to ensure the quality and durability of Vikram TMT steel bars. The students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the various stages of production, highlighting the company’s commitment to excellence in the field.
As part of the educational excursion, the students also visited a new construction site at Ashok Nagar. The site showcased the implementation of cutting-edge technology, with a focus on sustainability. Of particular interest was the utilization of fly ash bricks, demonstrating the industry’s dedication to environmentally friendly construction practices.
This immersive field trip not only broadened the students’ understanding of steel manufacturing but also exposed them to the latest advancements in construction techniques. It serves as a testament to AITM’s commitment to providing students with practical experiences that enhance their education and prepare them for the challenges of the professional world.
We thank our Principal and Director, AITM, Dr. Anand Deshpande, HOD and staff, Civil department for their support in organizing the site visit.


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