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Honored moment !!

Honored moment for Angadi Institute of Technology & Management-(AITM), Belagavi as our Principal & Director, Dr. Anand Deshpande, was invited as the esteemed Chief Guest for One–Day National Level Workshop on “Leveraging Intellectual Property Rights Tools Significance in Research and Business”.
In a bid to illuminate the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in today’s dynamic research and business landscape, Dr. Anand Deshpande, Principal & Director, AITM was invited as the chief guest for the workshop on “Leveraging Intellectual Property Rights Tools Significance in Research and Business.” at B.V. Bellad Law College, Belagavi on 21st July 2023. Dr. Jayshima B, Principal, B.V. Bellad Law College presided over the ceremony.
The workshop aimed to provide participants with valuable insights into the world of intellectual property rights tools and their far-reaching implications in both research and business realms. With Dr. Anand Deshpande Sir as the chief guest, attendees gained invaluable expertise on how to effectively protect their intellectual assets and harness them for research advancement and business growth.
The workshop fostered an environment of collaboration and innovation, where attendees exchanged ideas, learned from each other’s experiences, and gained practical knowledge on leveraging intellectual property rights for research and business success. Intellectual property rights are the cornerstone of progress and development, Sir encouraged the participants to embrace these tools in their profession and wished them Luck for their future endeavors.


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