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b+m Surface Systems Campus Visit to AITM

In an effort to strengthen industry-academia ties and explore potential collaborations, a delegation of esteemed officials from b+m Surface Systems recently visited AITM campus on 15.09.2023.
This visit marked a significant step towards bridging the gap between the corporate world and academia.
The delegation was warmly received by Dr. Spoorti Patil, Director, SAEF, Shri. Raju Joshi, Administrator, SAEF, Dr. Anand Deshpande, Principal & Director, AITM and Prof. Vishalkirthi Patil, Placement Officer, AITM who eagerly engaged in meaningful discussions about the future of education and industry trends and exchanged insights on the latest developments in their respective fields.
This exchange of knowledge is expected to open avenues for collaborative research and development projects. Such interactions provide our students with real-world exposure and valuable insights that can shape their academic and professional journeys.
Mr. Niels Quanz, b+m Surface System (Germany Office),
Mr. Naveed Mulla, Manager Belagavi Branch.
Mr. Shakil B, Managing Director
Mr. Gibin George, Manager Software, Mumbai Branch and
Mr. Heeralal S, Sr. Developer were the Officials from b+m Surface System who visited our AITM campus.
Mr. Omkar Patil, DIA, Ktech and Prof. Manjushree, were part of the session.


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