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The last 10 years have seen  AITM cluster of institutes taking  meticulous and  meaningful steps to build reservoirs of intellectual wealth and academic excellence. In the process, AITM has created atmosphere to encounter the challenges in the area of diversified research. AITM cluster of institutes such as Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Angadi School of Architecture, Angadi Institute of Management Studies etc. is geared to meet the  demanding standards to create good professionals and citizens by inspiring them in many ways.

Research has always  been an  area of paramount importance in AITM . The  importance increased tremendously and there has been a dramatic rise in the publications, doctoral degree awards and grants awarded by funding agencies since then.


To promote high standard research activities of global importance.


To facilitate and contribute to research in all multi disciplines, thereby improving yield in terms of grants, research innovation and publications.


  • To identify research priorities in multidisciplinary areas and initiate research activities.
  • To seek research grants and promote focused research of national/international importance.
  • To foster new collaborations and strengthen existing ones.
  • To disseminate research findings in high impact publications.
  • To provide all facility for researchers to implement ideas.


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