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Research is an Academic activity used in a Technical sense refers to search for Knowledge. It is an art of Scientific Careful Investigation and Systematic Search for getting information on a Specific Topic. It is actually a Voyage of Discovery. The objective and purpose of Research is to find out the Truth which is hidden and which has not been Discovered as yet. Research is mainly based on the facts of Qualitative and Quantitative approach. It provides the bases nearly, for all Government Policies in their Economic System. AITM is Supporting and Encouraging to such high Quality Research Activities to the Staff and Students Community. Presently more than 40 Faculty members are involved in Research work and Registered for their Ph.D., under various Universities. The Institution is also having Recognized Research centers in Physics and Chemistry Depts., by VTU, Belagavi. Vision Group on Science & Technology (VGST) is Running under the Chairmanship of Distinguished Scientist Bharath Ratna Prof. CNR Rao, Chairman of the Science Advisory Council to Hon’ble Prime Minister, GOI and National Research Professor. VGST supports Sc. & Technology Promotional Programs in Various modules. Dept. of IT, BT and Sc. & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka, encouraging to Research activities. Further, it is proud to say that, the AITM has received Three Research Project Grants from VGST along with Awards to Civil Engg. Dept., Dept. of Physics and Dept. of Chemistry in past two years.

Research Activities at Civil Engineering Department.

Civil Engg. Dept. has received a Grant of Rs. 40.00 Lakhs for the year 2014-2016 [Two Years Project]. Sanctioned under VGST Grants, K-FIST (Level-II) Scheme (Karnataka Fund for Infrastructure Strengthening in Science & Technology). The grant sanctioned under the Project work title “Investigational Studies on Effective Utilization of Distillery Spent Wash and Pressmud from Sugar Industry using Admixtures by Aerobic Composting Process”

Research Activities at Physics Engineering Department.

Dept. of Physics has received a Grant of Rs. 6.00 Lakhs for the year 2013-14 [one Year Project]. Sanctioned under VGST Grants, on title “Analysis of Microscopic Chemical Species in Liquids Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors”

Research Activities at Chemistry Engineering Department.

Dept. of Chemistry has received a Grant of Rs. 4.00 Lakhs for the year 2014-15 [one Year Project]. Sanctioned under VGST Grants, on title “Treatment and Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Electroplating Rinse Solution to Reduce the Impact on Environmental System”. This grant is comes under Seed Money to Young Scientists for Research (SMYSR) programme.
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