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  • Diploma College Code : 574
  • Engineering College Code : E185
  • M.Tech PG CET Code : T935
  • MBA PG CET Code : B118

Department of Chemistry


The department of chemistry was established in the year 2009 with the mission of imparting quality education in the field of chemistry at undergraduate course offered by Visvesvsrsya Technological university, Belagavi for first year engineering students. Chemistry is one of the basic science which apart from its application in its own field, is applicable to other field such as Engineering and Technology, Chemical Engineering , Polymer Technology , Bio Technology ,Bio Information , etc. The department of Engineering Chemistry aims imparting quality education with individual care to all the students and also play and active roll in their overall development. the department has maintained good academic results apart from playing an important role in other college activities .Chemistry is an interdisciplinary science related to all field of science and Technology Engineering Chemistry is subject included for first year student as per VTU curriculum. Department is recognized as VTU Research Centre to carryout Research & Development activities leading to Ph.D. degree. VGST has sanctioned the grants to the department for R & D projects in the field of Ion exchange and adsorption.


The department of chemistry endeavors students for a diverse &changing world, by providing quality education to youngsters in development of nation. Department of chemistry will be model for scholarship, technical education & research.


Mission of chemistry is to provide relevant education in chemical science, communication skill, research & development, industry partnership & consultancy service to industries around the region.
Mission of chemistry department is to impart quality technical education for graduates & undergraduate students by providing them with the quality class room, research & service opportunities

Head of Department Desk

The Department of Chemistry offers essence of chemistry at first year level to impart basic knowledge in applied chemistry. The department has well qualified and experienced faculty members with good infrastructure. The faculty members are involved in teaching and guiding the students of all the branches of Engineering. Also, the faculty members are involved in guiding the final year student projects. The department has been recognized as the research centre by VTU, Belagavi. The faculty members are actively involved in research and guiding scholars leading to Ph.D. A number of Research papers have been published by the faculty members and research scholars in the reputed journals.

Prof. Anuradha C Hugar


Prof.Anuradha C Hugar

Assistant Professor , HOD

Dr. Vinayak Adimule


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