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Computer application is basically underlined as to solve a certain set of problems or complete a particular job by the computer. Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a course designed to connect the increasing requirement by the IT employees. MCA is partitioned into four sections namely the conceptualization of the core computing, mathematical side of the computer science, design or software development and non-core computing courses. The course highlights the latest programming languages and tools to develop efficient applications. Students’ can opt for MCA after the completion of Bachelor’s degree. Prospective students’ who have completed Bachelor’s of Computer Application (BCA) would have the base knowledge of the course while MCA adds a specialized concentration to the subjects studied in BCA.

Some of the specialization for which the prospective students can choose during the MCA course:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Hardware Technology
  • Software Development
  • Systems Management
  • Internet working
  • Application Software
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Networking
  • Systems Development
  • Troubleshooting

Some of the Domain Application areas to consider

  • IT consultancy & design support
  • Software quality management
  • content development, ERP, Management information systems,
  • Embedded technologies.
  • Web enabled services
  • computer networking, data security
  • Software engineering
  • database management, e-commerce

Prospective students could take off from the possible career opportunities :

System Programmer Mobile application developer
Business analyst / system analyst Data scientist
Application Programmer Computer security specialist
Software Engineer Network administrator
Cloud architect Data Administrator


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