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Wastewater Management, Health & Safety Engineering is a full time Master of Technology (M.Tech) program offered by Civil Engineering Department. This course was established in the year 2014-15 and is educating students in the field of Waste Management and Safety Engineering. Students gain knowledge about waste generation, characterization, its adverse effects and treatment along with real world exposure.

Active research in the field of Waste Management has yielded a grant of Rs. 40.00 lakhs for Civil Engineering Department from Vision Group on Science & Technology (VGST), Government of Karnataka, under K-FIST (L-II). Environment laboratory is equipped with state of the testing facilities for solid and liquid wastes. Research scholars are involved in various research works including industrial waste management and liquid waste treatment.

Technology in the recent years is evolving rapidly due to the high demand of various products and intern generates huge quantity of waste in solid, liquid and gaseous form. Wastewater Management, Health & Safety Engineering program provides a comprehensive education system for understanding the need of the hour in waste management and prepare future environmentalists for providing solutions.


The construction industry being one of the major industries of our country contributes to nearly 9% of our GDP. It provides huge employments at its various related sectors. With the aim of providing innovative and technical graduates, Angadi Institute of Technology and Management started the Civil Engineering Program in the year 2009 with the inception of the institution, with an intake of 60. Realizing the need of the hour to contribute to the environment protection, Civil Engineering branch started with M.Tech. course in Wastewater Management, Health and Safety Engineering in the year 2014. The Department is recognized as Ph.D. Research Centre by VTU to promote the research in our institution with supporting aid from MSME incubation centre, K-Tech NAIN centres.

The students are always engaged to learn through creative and innovative teaching methods. The students are often taken to the construction sites to inculcate modern methods of construction to them and make our students comfortable with latest technologies adapted in the construction industry. Our students are always encouraged to participate in many state and national level technical competitions, paper presentations etc. Mini projects during their initial stage of engineering, will add to their creative learning and make them ready for bigger tasks after their graduations. Our proud alumni are serving the society in various fields around the world and showing their technical skills to promote themselves to higher standards. Our Department offers many consultancy services for private and government organizations regularly. The Department has well qualified and energetic faculties with their involvement in R & D and consultancy works.

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