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Placement & Training Activities

Induction Programme for 1st year students(Second Semester) for the Academic Year 2020-2021

Angadi Institute of Technology & Management organizedone week induction program for the second semester B.E students, in line with the AICTE requirements. The objective of this program was to acclimatize the students to the new environment and get them acquainted with the institution culture. The induction program comprised of interesting activities likeAwareness programs, placementactivities, Motivational talks,Talk on Universal human values, Innovations& exposure of their talents etc.

More than 100 students participated in the program which was conducted from 8th May – 14thMay 2021. Faculty and student volunteers from across programs worked extensively to ensure that the induction was well organized.

The following report includes the schedule and brief notes on the various events conducted as part of the induction program.

Date Time Sessions Resource person
08/05/2021 9.30 am – 11.00 am Health fitness, Yoga & Nutritious food habits Mrs. Pooja Ijare
09/05/2021 11.00 am – 12.30 pm Awareness of COVID -19 & SOP to be followed Dr. Akash Gadgade
10/05/2021 9.30 am – 11.00 am Demonstration on Google drive applications Mr. Shashidhar Hallgerimath
11/05/2021 11.30 am – 12.30 pm Demonstration on Google drive applications Mr. Shashidhar Hallgerimath
12/05/2021 11.00 am – 12.30 pm Plan for the unplanned Mrs. Usha H Patil
13/05/2021 9.30 am – 11.00 am Chemistry of Nano materials ,Applications to energy & environment Dr. Nagaraju Kottam
14/05/2021 9.30 am – 11.00 am Placement & Training Mr. VishalKirthi Patil


Due to the pandemic the induction programme was conducted through virtual mode on Google platform. The one week induction programme for second semester (second half session)was organized from 8th May 2021 to 14th May 2021.Abriefreport of the events organized is as follows:

Day 1: Session on Health fitness, Yoga & Nutritious food habits:


A session on Health fitness, Yoga & Nutritious food habits was organized on 8th May 2021 by the resource person Mrs. Pooja Ijare, Weight Loss Coach. The session was organized for the students to understand the importance of Yoga &the nutritious food habits which is very much required in this pandemic. Madamin her addressto the students gave some tips to follow the daily routine. She also performed & made the students to perform some yoga exercises such as pranayamato boost their immunity. Students showed interest & started interacting to understand the food habits to be followed to be fit & healthy.

Day 2: Awareness of COVID -19 & SOP to be followed& Vaccination:


From the last year 2019-2020, Corona virus has made the country helpless. Many people in rural areasare unaware of the symptoms of this deadly virus. All the front line workers like Doctors, Nurses, Medicalstaff, Policeetc. are working hard day &night to fight against this virus. But due to lack of knowledge of this virus in t people there is a heavy rise in the COVID cases. People are not maintaining social distance, not wearing mask etc. People are not understanding the importantance of vaccination. There is a wrong perception in people to get vaccinated. In this regard a Angadi Institute of Technology & Management has organized a session on Awareness of COVID -19 & SOP to be followed & vaccination on 9th May 2021 by an eminent resource person Dr Akash Gadgade, M.B.B.S, M.D, Fellowship in Diabetics, Medical Monitor (Novotech-CRO, Australia).Sir in his presentation told how the virus spreads, the symptoms & the precautions to be taken to prevent the Corona virus. Sir in his addressed told how important it is to get vaccinated. The session was very interactive& very informative .Sir cleared all the doubts regarding the deadly virus.

Day 3& Day 4: Demonstration on Google drive applications


Due to the COVID pandemic it was required to maintain social distancing to stop the spread of the corona virus. Last year due to a sudden rise in the COVID cases, sudden lock down was announced. As a result schools, colleges, Education institutes etc. had to be closed. All the classes & academic activities were done through virtual mode which was very difficult for both the teachers & the students to cop up. With this in view a session on Google drive applications was organized on 10th& 11th May 2021by the resource person Mr. Shashidhar Hallgerimath, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, KLE’s, Dr MSSCET-Belagavi. Students were given a demonstration how to make use of the google drive applications. Sir in his address told the students how it is easily accessible sitting at one place only. How best we can present our self by giving access to the concerned person. Google drive application makes teaching learning process very easy. A task was given to the students to create their google account & asked to use all the google applications either on the mobiles, PC’s or Laptops. The twodays session was very informative. It has brought a confidence in students to use the virtual platform effectively.

Day 5: Plan for the unplanned


Now days, children have lack of human values .They are not so strong to handle any type of situations coming across in day to day life. There is lack of practical knowledge. They want every work to be done in short cut way. In this modern era children are only dependent on electronic gadgets .Due to nuclear family & both the parents working they are unaware of the outside world. The children’s have become lonely, they have become lazy. They don’t want to work hard. To become a successful person we need to plan. To motivate the students, to build their confidence, to become a responsible person a motivational talk was arranged on Plan for the unplanned on 12th May 2021by Mrs. Usha H Patil, consulting Psychologist, SAMATVA Counseling & Psychotherapy centre, Hubli& Belagavi. Madam in her addressed told the students to be always be ready with Plan A & Plan B. We must always be strong enough to face the situations we come across. If plan A doesn’t work try to work on plan B. Try to build confidence in you under the guidance of elderly people. If we are planned & are working hard on that plan success will be definitely with us. We need to have patience & capability to accept the failures which in turn would help us to achieve the success.

Day 6: Chemistry of Nano materials, Applications to energy & environment


Innovation is the corner stone of sustained economic growth &prosperity. It is the using of new ideas that lead to the making of any new product. Being in a technical stream, students have to be more innovative. With this view of inculcating innovative ideas a session was organized on 13th May 2021 by Dr. Nagaraju Kottam, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology-Bangalore. Sir in his address told the students to be innovative instead of being bookish. Think practically. Try to work on various concepts which will help a common man. We have to use our natural resource in a proper way & have to develop innovative things which must be affordable to all people.

Day 7: Placement activity

Placement plays a vital role in the education field. Transforming, developing and enhancing managerial and technical skills in students are very important in the corporate world. Thus a placement session was conducted on 14thMay 2021 by the placement officer Mr.VishalKirthi Patil, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication, AITM, Belagavi. In this session, students were made to get the awareness on “career planning” and “career mapping”. Students were given the information on training programs which will help them to crack their appetites & competitive exams. The students learned and unlearned the importance of career as a whole and the ways to look at it and decide. The session has helped the students work accordingly to achieve the success in their future endeavours. The training session are organized right from the first year in the college which will help them achieve the success.

            On the last day students were asked to expose their talents. All the students actively participated & exposed their talents in the fields like singing, mimicry, poetry writing, drawing etc.


The department of Basic Science extends heartfelt gratitude to the chairman  Smt. Mangal S Angadi ,Director SAEF Dr Spoorti R Patil &Mrs. Shraddha S Shettar , Administrator Shri Raju Joshi ,Principal & Director Dr Anand B Deshpande for their constant support. The department also extends its gratitude to all the Deans and Head of the Department for their guidance. Faculty and staff across departments extended whole hearted support during the induction program. The program was a success because of their active participation. The department of Basic Science thanks all faculty, staff and student volunteers who have helped. A special thanks to  Dr. Vinayak Adimule, Dean Research, Department of Chemistry, Mrs. Anuradha C Hugar, Head of Department of Chemistry, Dr. Vijay Kulkarni,Head of Department of Physics, Mrs. Priyanka Pujari ,Website coordinator, Assistant Professor ,Department of  Computer Science, Mr. Gururaj Tavildar, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil for helping in making this event successful.

Day 1: Health Fitness, Yoga & Nutritious food habits to be followed& Vaccination

Day 2: Awareness of COVID-19 &SOP

Day 3 & Day 4: Demonstration on Google drive applications

Day 3 & Day 4: Demonstration on Google drive applications

Day 5: Plan for the unplanned

Day 6: Chemistry of Nano materials, Applications to energy & environment

Day 7: Placement activity followed by exposure of their talents

Day 7: Placement activity followed by exposure of their talents


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