Admissions are open for Academic year 2017-18
   Department of Electrical and Electronics of Engineering-Laboratories

      High Voltage Equipments

  • Electromechanical over current relay cdg-11,
  • Electromechanical over voltage relay cdg11,
  • Microprocessor  over current relay mc1za,
  • Microprocessor based motor protection relay,
  • 50kv ac/72kv DC high voltage generator with control panel and meters with Road Gap Apparatus with Point to Point , Point to Plate, Square to Square
  • Electrodes measurement of HV AC & DC with/sphere gap digital thermometer,
  • Hygrometer & barometer,
  • Breakdown strength of Transformer oil  60kv High voltage oil test equipment with accessories

      Transformer and Induction Machine Labs Equipments


  • OC and SC test on single phase transformer ,
  • Sumpners test,
  • Parallel operation of tansformers,
  • Polarity test on 3 single phase transformer
  • Scott connection of transformers
  • Load test on 3 phase induction motor, circle diagram of induction motor,
  • Speed control of slip ring induction motor, ,
  • load test on single phase induction motor

      DC Machines Equipments


  • DC shunt motor 3hp,230v,1500rpm coupled to DC compound generator 2.2kw, 230v,1500rpm With flexible coupling and 3 point starter,
  • Hopkinson’s test,
  • Ward Leonard set,
  • DC series motor 3hp,230v,1500rpm coupled to DC .series generator 2.2kw, 230v,1500rpm with flexible coupling and 2 point starter, 
  • DC shunt motor 3hp,230v,1500rpm with brake loading arrangements with tacho generator, AC squirrel Cage induction motor 3hp,3phase,400v,50hz,1440rpm coupled to DC shunt  motor 3hp,230v,1500rpm with suitable base plate,
  • DC shunt motor 5hp,230v,1500rpm coupled to alternator 3kva,3phase,400v,50hz,1500rpm with flexible coupling and 3 point starter for motor and Static exciter,
  • DC shunt motor 5hp, 230v,1500rpm coupled to alternator 3kva ,3phase,400v,50hz,
    1500rpm  with flexible coupling and 3 point starter for moto
  • Analog Electronics lab
  • Logic Gates
  • Microcontroller
  • Power Electronics
  • Control System
  • Measurement & Circuit simulation lab
  • Power system lab


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