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Dr. Anand Deshpande has filed 2 patents and has 5 book chapters.
Dr. Sanjay Pujari has been recognized with the following awards:

Social recognition for the contribution in Technical Education,

  • “BHARAT JYOTI AWARD”, given for excellent research work done in the field of Medical Sciences.
  • Indian solidarity council “AWARDED RAJIV GANDHI VIDYA GOLD” for outstanding achievements in chosen field of activity
  • The Economic for Health and Education have awarded with “VIDAYA RATAN “.
  • “Global Teacher Role Model Award 2015” given by MVLA Trust for his excellent contributions toward the educations in India.
  • Recognition award in Switch Global Expo 2016 for the project Productivity Improvement in Solar Still Using “Phase Changing Material and Extraction of Electricity” organized by Government of Gujrat, India
  • Reviewer for IEEE Journals
  • Certified ISO Auditor, NBA& NAAC
  • Member of constitution of sport and cultural committee of VTU belagavi for the year 2017-2018.

Prof. Vishalkirthi S Patil has filed 3 patents.

Student Achievements


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