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To face the intelligent analysis of the numerous real world applications and problems, students require the skills from both Artificial Intelligence and Data science. Since intelligence is beyond universe and the data is the new oil, the combination of both makes a powerful combination for the present era. Data has always been a crucial part of life, and thus in the recent times it has come under a highlight as one of the most lucrative careers. This course is not limited to just artificial intelligence and data science but gathers the scope with data mining, modeling, machine learning and big data analytics to name a few. The career opportunity is vast for the one equipped with the intelligence and data skills, namely in healthcare, IT industry, biotechnology, business and others. 


We are pleased to welcome you to the department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science department.  Here we nurture the minds to align into artificial intelligence with respect to the future technologies to graduate as a “battle ready soldiers” for the new era of data revolution. Students could achieve profound opportunities and learn the values in order to excel in his academic, non academic  and extracurricular activities. Through the state of the art infrastructure and the teaching methods, the students lean towards the adoption of “want to learn” rather than “need to learn”. We offer the best teaching methodologies through class room and laboratory exercises and cultivate a mind-set among students to be inquisitive. Learning is a continues process, as the saying goes “we stop growing when we stop learning, and so we stop learning when we stop growing”.  Our aim is to make the students industry ready and enrich them problem-solving techniques. I am confident, our department and our guidance will definitely not only make a child an engineer but an industry ready and driven.

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