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Computer application is basically underlined as to solve a certain set of problems or complete a particular job by the computer. Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a course designed to connect the increasing requirement by the IT employees. MCA is partitioned into four sections namely the conceptualization of the core computing, mathematical side of the computer science, design or software development and non-core computing courses. The course highlights the latest programming languages and tools to develop efficient applications. Students’ can opt for MCA after the completion of Bachelor’s degree.


Nurture Continuous Learning through research and innovations in the field of Computer Science, Technology and Applications, to build competent professionals.


• Create a learning environment to motivate students to build strong technology skills.

• Promote value based ethical practices in all facets of learning.

“The department Vision – Mission statements are formulated in accordance with the goals and objectives of the department keeping Institutional goals and objectives under consideration.”

Program Specific Outcomes(PSOs)

1. Ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, computer science and management into practice.
2. Ability to solve complex computing problems through problem analysis using fundamental principles of mathematics and computer science.
3. Ability to design, develop components or processes by evaluating socially relevant issues and provide solutions.
4. Ability to apply analytics through research methodology for complex computing problems and provide valid conclusions.
5. Ability to identify and utilize with agility modern computing tools and techniques.
6. Ability to operate in a professional, ethical manner in multi-disciplinary environments.
7. Ability to sustain self-improvement through independent and life long learning.
8. Ability to learn skills of project management through effective design and documentation.
9. Ability to communicate effectively through technical presentations and reports.
10. Ability to understand the impact of technology on social issues.
11. Ability to adapt collaborative thinking through team work and leadership.
12. Ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and succeed through innovative ideas for the progress of the individual/society

From the HOD's Desk:

Dr. V. C. Hallur
Associate Professor & Head of the Department.

The Department of MCA believes in creating a “want to learn” culture through state-of-the-art infrastructure. We offer the most effective teaching learning methodologies through class room and practical exercises to cultivate an inquisitive mind-set among students. We aim to be the first choice in the state/country among aspiring computer science graduates. The skills and education imparted enables students to utilize new technologies and prepare them for key technology application and decision-making. The learning experience is wholesome, tailored to suit the needs of the industry and individual career development.


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