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The MBA department at ATIM, started in the year 2009, enjoys the reputation of being one of the premier institutes imparting quality management education in this part our country. The Faculty, having a rich blend of industrial and teaching experience, has made sincere efforts in the development of students through innovative pedagogical tools and industry interface.


To be recognized as a provider of learning environment that nurtures the hidden potential of individuals to be future professional managers who are rooted in ethics and driven by environmental and social consciousness.


To nurture future professional managers, entrepreneurs and leaders, competent to contribute to corporate world, in different sectors with focus on excellence in all spheres.


Dual Specialization with the combination of HR and Marketing, HR and Finance, Finance and Marketing.


MBA at AITM aims to inculcate ethical values along with the management concepts. We focus on the overall development of students so that they can contribute to our nation’s growth and prosperity. Our emphasis is on activity-based learning through which the students gain practical insights into real world situations. To make learning a joyful experience, we conduct Management games, Out Bound Training programmes, Pre-placement Training, Industrial Visits, Interaction with experts from industry and academics etc. Our dedicated and experienced faculty along with the serene environs of AITM campus provides the learner with right ambience in the quest for true knowledge and personal development. We welcome you to be a part of our MBA programme at the MBA department of Suresh Angadi Education Foundation’s Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, Belagavi, which is affiliated to one of the premier Universities of India viz. Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi.

Prof. Dr. Rajendra M. Inamdar

Program Educational Objective’s

PEO 1: Students will be able to apply management principles and techniques to develop strategies and improvise business processes to address problems and opportunities.

PEO 2: Students will acquire leadership qualities with strong communication skills along with professional and ethical values.

PEO 3: Students can aspire to become entrepreneurs to address business and social needs.

PEO 4: Students can take up meaningful research, provide consultation and can become change agents for betterment of organization, society etc.

Program Outcomes

PO1: Acquire sufficient theoretical knowledge and are enabled to apply them to solve practical problems in business and other organizations / institutions of importance

PO2: Apply Effective communication skills with a high degree of lateral and critical thinking that enhances learn-ability, developed for being continuously employable

PO3: Demonstrate leadership qualities, ethically sound, enabled with decision making skills that reflect a high degree of social consciousness

PO4: Recognize the need for sustained research orientation to comprehend a growingly complex, economic, legal and ethical environment

PO5: Possess self-sustaining entrepreneurship qualities that encourages calculated risk taking.


PSO1: Students should imbibe and utilize management concepts and principles in their chosen careers by exhibiting leadership skills.

PSO2: Students should be sensitive to the peer and societal needs while exhibiting their ability to view a management problem / opportunity from a holistic point of view.

PSO3: Students should demonstrate their analytical and problem-solving skills in addressing any given situation by adopting ethical means.


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