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Time Table

T I M E - T A B L E – 2019 - 20 (Semester : 1)

Sub. Code Sub-Abrr Subject Title Faculty Incharge
20CWM11 NAACM Numerical Analysis and Advanced Computational Methods Mr. Mutalik Desai
20CWM12 WPTT Water Pollution and Treatment Technology Dr. B.T. Suresh Babu
20CWM13 AWTE Advanced Waste Water Treatment Engineering Mr. Amar Byakodi
20CWM14 EPCM Environmental Pollution and Control Management Miss. Sapna Upadhay
20CWM15 CHES Community Health and Environmental Sanitation Mr. Mahantesh Kanthi
20CWM16 WWA LAB Water and Wastewater Analysis Lab – I Dr. B.T. Suresh Babu
20CWM17 RM Research Methodology and IPR Mr. Mahantesh Kanthi

T I M E - T A B L E – 2019 - 20 (Semester : 3)

Sub. Code Sub-Abrr Subject Title Faculty Incharge
18CWM31 AAPC Atmospheric Air Pollution & Control Mr. Amar Byakodi
18CWM32 ESER Energy Systems & Environmental Resources Dr. B.T. Suresh Babu
18CWM33 HWM Hazardous Waste Management Mr. Mahantesh Kanthi
18CWM34 EPP – 1 Evaluation of Project Phase – I All Staff
18CWM35 INTP Internship All Staff


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